A Perfect Everyday Skirt : the Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio #MCBN


You may (or may not 😉 ) know that recently I was invited by Minerva Crafts to their Blogger Network. I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I was; I source fabrics from Minerva routinely and greatly admire so many of the other Bloggers who contribute. So I was a bit overwhelmed initially about what to make for them. Then I drew in a breath and told myself to just make what I would choose to make anyway. And so I chose this, the Moss Skirt by Grainline. Head over to see my post on Minerva’s blog to see why I believe this to be a Perfect Everyday Skirt (I’d really appreciate the support!)

Oh and if you’re curious about the slouchy top I’m wearing? It’s another Grainline pattern; their Linden. I’m planning to post my thoughts on that here in the next few days, with two versions.

Until next time, thanks for reading

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23 thoughts on “A Perfect Everyday Skirt : the Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio #MCBN”

  1. I made the Hemlock shirt pattern last month. I was the first clothing item I’ve sewed for myself in over 10 years! It went together so easy and fits so well that I’ve jumped back into making clothes with both feet.

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  2. Thank you!!!! I’ll be sewing up another, that’s for sure 😊 It was my first Grainline pattern. Since then I’ve sewn up two of their Lindens – have you tried that pattern?


  3. The funny thing is that usally I don’t want to buy things that are nessesary to my sewing! Such as cutting mat, a new rottary cutter or on this case an overlocker! I prefer buying things such as sewing books or patterns! 😁 Is only me who enjoy buying patterns, books and fabric and not what a I really need?? It took me so long to buy a new pair of scissors! I have to start saving if I really want to buy the overlocker! 😅

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  4. Argyro you are so kind, thank you!! Oh I can’t recommend an overlocker highly enough, it’s made a world of difference to my sewing!! I use the Brother 1034d which is a relatively inexpensive model but it works great! Oh and I think this pattern would be great on you! Xx


  5. What a great review Sarah! I just manage to read it (my little one is sleeping now😁)! I enjoyed reading the details that you mentioned from the fabric choice to the stitching details! I think that I really need an overlocker! It looks so neat inside! It looks so nice on you! 😍😍Love the length! Great pattern, awesome review! New pattern on my wishlist! 😄😘😘😘

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  6. I really like this, I saw someone else blog about the moss skirt the other day and after seeing this version in cord I think it could be another on the list for 2017. Well done on your fly insertion, that’s another challenge to complete this year!

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  7. Love your whole outfit Sarah! I’m a huge fan of Grainline too AND Minerva. They have great fabric at good prices and ship to Canada very reasonably as well. I’ve recommended Minerva to several of my Canadian friends!

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  8. Hi Sarah, I just left a comment on MC but I’ve just been listed as a ‘crafter’ for my reply…So I’m replying here too 🙂 You’ve done a splendid job for your first Minerva Blog make. Such a neat finish and I love the fabric for the pocket bags.

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