Sleepwear Sewing patterns

Sewing a Gift to Myself : the Piccadilly Pyjamas by Nina Lee

Sleepwear Sewing patterns


I’m so (sew!) happy to be sharing this make with you as it fills me with much joy! Having sewn nothing but sensible winter jersey for the last while, it felt incredible to get my hands on this extravagant cotton lawn and to indulge myself in whimsy. The Piccadilly Pyjamas by Nina Lee in this amazing Lady McElroy ‘Panda Retreat’ cotton lawn (link to fabric below ;-)) are a gift to myself. Sewing something to wrap up in that feels luxurious and makes me smile feels like the ultimate in self-care; not sewing myself a pretty dress but sleepwear, haha! But I love sewing sleepwear/loungewear and feel I ought to sew myself another matching Suki Kimono and slippers to go with them too!

The Piccadilly Pyjamas are my first make from the Nina Lee pattern house (and they’re unlikely to be my last as I’m kind of fascinated with their Southbank and Carnaby dresses too!); there’s some nostalgia on my part here, having spent the whole of my 20s living and working in these areas of London but, ultimately, it’s the design lines I love…

… I mean how cute these PJs are with their little puffed sleeves, shaped binding and mandarin collar! I love how the binding curves in key places, like the outside leg seam, shirt side seam and pocket:

Piccadilly mandarin pyjamas sewing pattern

I made these as my monthly make for the Minerva Craft Blogger Network Post so you can find the full post, more pics, details on the alterations I made and links to the supplies I used, over there You can find the pattern here.

Sewing buttonholes

Just a quick add to say that this was the first time I used my chisel to open the buttonholes. I’m a total convert now! Just, y’know put something underneath to protect your table!

What’s been your most indulgent make of late?!

See you soon (until next time, many thanks for the astonishingly positive response to the 2018 #sewtogetherforsummer challenge!)




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25 thoughts on “Sewing a Gift to Myself : the Piccadilly Pyjamas by Nina Lee”

  1. Oh Laura I feel your pain … that was exactly my feelings too though..,Blue (and the right blue) p,us pandas…resistance is kind of futile isn’t it!!! 🤣😘


  2. Oh my goodness I feel both an enabler and totally ok with that…that cocktail hour is fab isn’t it…I like the parasols one too…so many tempting choices!!! Yeah the pattern invaded my dreams too…I always think that’s a good sign don’t you!!! Have fun sewing them up and I look forward to seeing them! Xx

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  3. Ah Kathleen do you post your sewing makes; I’d love to read up on them in full!!!! I agree totally, I’m a homebody too and most of the time my family and visitors to the house generally find me in PJs. That’s all the excuse we need to use lovely fabrics isn’t it! Xx


  4. This pattern is stalking me. It’s so beautiful but I’ve no fabric in my stash for jammies and am on a fabric embargo!
    These might just tip me over the edge. I love the panda fabric too! Just too gorgeous!

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  5. These look so beautiful on Sarah, such a gorgeous fabric. I’d almost be hoping the Postman would knock if I was wearing these just to show how effortlessly chic I roll!! X

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  6. Love your new PJ’s! I’ve been busy sewing myself some “home clothes” lately in really nice fabrics – Liberty lawns and silks and there’s nothing quite like it! I realized home is where I spend most of my time so it really didn’t make a lot of sense to be saving my $ fabric for going out when I spend more time at home 🙂 Ogden Camis, the Reef pattern by Megan Nielsen and right now the Eucalyptus by Megan as well.

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