Getting Crafty Again! Sewing a Machine Cover for my Serger / Overlocker…

Ah finally the six weeks of bedlam and mayhem that constitutes the summer holidays are over! The minute the children were shooed on their way back to school, I took a sweeping look at the devastation left in their wake and took to frenzidly cleaning, tidying and organising the house. And, of course, once that was sorted, my attention turned to my sewing space!

It’s not that long ago I assembled my ‘bijou’ sewing area – the beginning of the year in fact. But, like my middle-aged waistline, the area has continued to expand! It seems I’d consoled myself with having my sewing time curtailed during the school break with planning; buying a shedload of fabric and patterns, as well as a number of new sewing tools.

So my sewing space got a bit of a makeover too! And as part of that I decided to get crafty and sew myself a new machine cover for my serger, using the free downloadable pattern from Closet Case Files. I was originally thinking to use the same fabric as I made my quilted machine mats but then I got swayed by the awesomeness that is this vintage inspired sewing tools print instead. It’s a Poplin, so a fairly robust cotton but not as sturdy as say a denim or canvas, so I decided to ‘back it’ with some natural-coloured woven interfacing which blended really well and made it more heavy duty.

I made my own piping too! I’ve never even used piping before, never mind making my own but it turned out to be simple enough on both fronts…

…as this was this months’ make for Minerva Crafts, you can find the full blog post over on their site HERE – it including details of the alterations I made to custom fit the pattern to my Brother 1034D serger, a little bit about the piping as well as being able to source the full list of supplies I used.

Now to tackle that ever growing fabric stash. First up it’s a pattern test!

Hope your sewing queue is moving along nicely!

Until next time, happy sewing!



5 thoughts on “Getting Crafty Again! Sewing a Machine Cover for my Serger / Overlocker…”

  1. Hi Teresa, how frustrating! I’m sorry to hear that and don’t understand why this would be (and will look into it). However, if you email me at I will be able to register you manually. When you email me direct, cpuld you please also let me know whether you were trying to register via the Pop Up Form which asks for your name and email address or via the box in the side bar which just asks for an email address?) Thank you so much Teresa! X


  2. unable to register,not recognizing my email address, 3rd time trying to subscribe, please respond


  3. Such a lovely cover and your bijou sewing area looks so organised. I spy a clapper there now too. Thanks for sharing. xxx


  4. Looks fabulous! I’m looking forward to having a bit more time now as well, as the older kids are back at school/nursery. I think the baby might have other plans, though!


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