Sewing the Lined Lace Tulle version of the Black Beauty Bra! View B

Hi! You may have seen that I’ve recently sewn two versions of View A of the Black Beauty Bra (by Emerald Erin) which were made using duoplex fabric and intended as ‘everyday’ wear bras. (You can see that post HERE). It was no exaggeration to say the experience revolutionised the way I feel about sewing my own lingerie – it took the fear out of the process and resulted in two really wearable – and comfortably supportive – bras! The confidence I gained made me look at View B of the pattern – the lace and fully lined version with classic picot elastic finishings.

lace lined bra sewing pattern tutorial

I bought my original fabrics for View A from Sewing Chest here in the UK but opted to suck up and pay the extra charges and get the finding supplies shipped over from Emerald Erin in Canada. Many UK sewists will attest to the fact that sourcing the seemingly myriad of supplies needed for sewing your own bras locally can prove to be something of a headache! However, I was subsequently contacted by who kindly offered to send me a prototype kit* to test which they thought would work well for View B.

The kit, containing this lovely ‘Rosanne’ lace, contains absolutely everything that is needed (apart from the wires which are available separately) and includes rigid scalloped lace for the upper cup with matching tulle for the cradle and lower cups, Simplex lining fabric for the whole and cream powernet for the back bands – together with the different elastics you need, fab contrasting pink wire casings and the hook and eye fastenings. It also contains a choice of both cream and pink metal sliders and rings for the straps and a sweet little bow! I found the quality of everything to be really good.

As you can see I opted for the contrast of the pink sliders and rings which I think looks really pretty, giving a lovely pop of colour to the back!

sewing bra straps

I’m so happy to report that the kit was absolutely perfect with plenty of everything that you need! I do believe are also planning to upload some other kits too – and at just £16 for the entire kit, I think they’re really good value! (see HERE and the kit for the largest size range click HERE), I know I will be purchasing from the new ones that get listed! (If you’re in or closer to Canada, you can also get complete kits from Emerald Erin – (again, with the wires available separately).

So let’s talk sewing! Sewing View B isn’t that different from sewing View A – although there are some changes, both stylistically and in construction.

The major change being that all the pieces (apart from the back band) are lined – the bridge and cradle simply by interlining the pieces (i.e. basting the outer fabric to the lining fabric wrong sides together prior to sewing up). I chose to machine baste these pieces together, however, it would have been more time efficient and less fiddly to have used my spray fabric adhesive to bind the pieces instead!

Although I have some (the Odif 505 stuff), I chose not to use it – I think I was overly worried about the spray adhesive coming through the lace fabric layer and gunking up my needle. This was definitely a mental block / overthinking on my part though – it says right there on the front of the can that it doesn’t gunk needles and it never has when I’ve used it before, so I think I was just being a sucker for punishment! Next time I definitely will just spray away!

When it came lining the cup parts together, I initially thought it was going to be really complex. I always think something is going to be impossibly difficult before I do it for the first time! And it rarely is! *rolls eyes* I really need to get over myself sometimes; because, of course, the same was true here; it’s actually pretty nifty how it all comes together at this point; the pattern instructions are really clear. You then get the satisfaction of the end result looking sufficiently complex whilst knowing it was pretty much a doddle to do, haha!

Sewing the clear elastic to the upper cup – the pins are used to stop the fabric layers shifting; the elastic is held in place with WonderTape

The other main difference between the two Views is the front straps. View A has double straps made using fold over elastic wrapped around a length of twill tape, which gives a really supportive finish as it stops the front straps stretching out. View B has single picot elastic straps; the result is really comfortable but – being larger chested – overall I prefer the additional support, and the wee bit extra lift, of the reinforced double straps.

This is the DD cup – as you can see there is still a gap between the two wires – I do believe that from the E cup upwards there is a crossover of the wire casing. I just need to add the bow!

I also lengthened the back straps on this version, as in my other two iterations I find myself letting them out to their full extent and wishing I had a teeny fraction more to play with – I’m quite long in the torso. Other than that I again sewed straight ‘from the envelope’ and, once again, the fit was spot on (for fit photos, check out my View A blog post).

I’m absolutely in love with the finished bra – once done, I found myself holding it and looking at it quite astounded that I’d made something this pretty and feminine! The kit I was sent has opened my eyes to the joys of using lace / tulle and I can see myself now bringing this fabric into my dressmaking generally.

Having worn this bra now for a couple of days straight, I noticed that it felt even more comfortable at the cradle/front band than my previous versions. Inspecting closely, and comparing to my View A bras, the cradle is actually slightly longer – i.e. there is more band support underneath the cups. (I’ve looked at the pattern pieces and they do differ slightly to account for the different elastics used and for the lining construction.)

What do you think? I particularly love the look of this bra and the band is better. But I prefer the front straps of View A, so I’m going to have a think about how I’m going to amalgamate the best of both Views for my next iteration. And, of course, I’m now thinking I really should make some matching knickers (do you have any recommendations for a good high-leg, high-waisted panelled pattern?)

(If you would like to see the fit of the bra and more general pattern information, do check out my first review of it HERE).

Up next I’ve got a Jacket review …. and I find myself reaching for two new-to-me patterns to sew – a pair of casual trousers and a bell-sleeved jersey top…

Until next time, wishing you happy sewing!

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*Disclaimer : I was given the fabrics and supplies for this bra by in exchange for testing it with no obligation to post or review publicly. All opinions expressed are my honest and considered opinion. Post not sponsored or Affiliated to Emerald Erin in any way. Some of the links given may be Affiliate links – if you choose to purchase via an Affiliate link, you will not be charged any extra however I may receive a small commission x).

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21 thoughts on “Sewing the Lined Lace Tulle version of the Black Beauty Bra! View B”

  1. this fills me with so much joy!!! Well done you!! And thanks for the heads up – I’ll check out Fit2Sew as Well! I’ve always liked the look of the Pin Up Girls Shelley, I’m quite curious to try it myself! I hope it’s the fir for you!!! xxx


  2. Quick update – I have finished my first bra. Absolutely loved the experience of making the bra – quite therapeutic and, as far as technique goes, very successful. But yes (sadly there is a but) . . . the final bra is not a good shape for me. I was concerned that the cups might be a bit shallow for my rather voluminous boobs and unfortunately I was right. But I am so pleased I had a go and and am already planning to try Pin-Up Girls ‘Shelley’ which looks a bit more substantial while also having some options to add lace. In addition to supplies from Sewing Chest, I am also encouraged by the kits and supplies from Fit 2 Sew.
    Thank you Sarah – before I read your posts I thought that bra-making would not be possible but it really is!!

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  3. ah – good idea. I had both charts printed so have just had a look – but nothing really matches that well 😱 05 looks closest but a bit long – perhaps you can trim them down?!?! And I guess the channelling might shape them into submission a bit . . .

    I will keep looking too . . . . thanks for your super fast response . . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. its really difficult at the moment isnt it!!! I still haven’t found my perfect wire … Sewing Chest have size charts you can print off; I’ve been meaning to print them off to compare with what Emeralderin recommend but haven’t got around to it yet … I’ve used the flexible kind from sewing chest which aren’t too bad but not quite long enough on one side … I’ll put my thinking cap on ….

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  5. nearly 3 months later . . . just about to ‘have a go’ but wondering whether you have any suggestions on where to buy the ‘Orange Wire’ suggested by Emerald Erin. I was thinking to buy a kit from her but unfortunately since the world has changed she does not seem to be shipping abroad🙄 I know Sewing Chest have wires and I have bought a couple but they do not seem to match the same profile as required by the pattern. Any hints super welcome!!

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  6. I’ve just been reading and injesting both of your posts on bras and trying to get over the idea that I don’t want to make lingerie. I’m desperate for decent fitting bras. With slightly uneven sized boobs with very little upper volume(AKA saggy 😬) I need something that hoiks it all up and supports my DD’s. I’ll take a look at your links. Thanks xx

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  7. thanks Barbara! Personally I found it ran true to size but I see your conundrum. hmmmm. in what way would a 34dd be too small; do you overspill in the top cup or does it flatten you out? or feel too tight? I’m really tempted to say cut the size the pattern recommends but given you’re on the cusp that’s a risk with a cost attached to it isn’t it. it might even be worth DM @emeralderinsews on Instagram to get her thoughts. let me know how you get on xxx


  8. Your bra makes are fabulous and reading about the process is so inspiring!

    Do you have any advice re sizing? I am a similar size to you, I think – 34 ribcage, 39 full bust. This puts me in a Black Beauty 34DD, which would be fine except a 34DD in bought bras is too small – I wear 34E or F. Her pattern splits at that size – up to DD the smaller pattern, E starts the bigger range.

    Does it run true to size? Any thoughts?

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  9. Oh Chrissie that’s fantastic to hear – Im so glad to hear that you also had a great experience with it! Yes, the wires bit is a whole thing in itself isn’t it. I’ve done what you have done and nicked wires from old RTW bras but I’ve also bought a few from Sewing Chest. They have a chart on their site which shows what size to get etc HOWEVER I still think it might be best to email them and talk through what you think you need – I’m going to do that as I haven’t perfected my choice yet! xx


  10. […] For your first bra, I heartily recommend buying at least the fixings kits to start with (the ones from Emerald Erin contain generous amounts of everything you need and come with a handy little chart to help familiarise yourself with the contents). If you think you’re going to ‘blind yourself with science’ researching all the separate bits – and chances are you will just give yourself a headache and quit if you do (been there and done that so many times!) especially if you’re in the UK where buying options seem limited, note that are now stocking entire kits that work (see my version of View B using one of their kits HERE) […]


  11. Hi Sarah, I want to thank you for introducing me to this pattern, I have tried making my own bras but have never been happy with the result, but this one does what exactly what you say, its comfortable and a joy to sew. I have only used what I had in my stash, and wires from an old bra, to make mine but would love to know which underwires you chose, I am completely baffled and please could you point me in the right direction on Sewingchest. Keep,up the good work, I love reading your blog.

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  12. Good idea – just treated myself to a fitting and do have a bra that fits really well at the moment so I will check it out.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thanl you!!!! ph no, what a pain! Oh the perils of ordering from overseas. There’s such a need for a good UK stockists isn’t there – thankfully http://www.sewingchest now have this particular kit I’ve used here but I know they’re planning others too. in the meantime if you have something particular in mind, I strongly recommend emailing them – I’m sure they’ll do their best to get you what you need. Good luck Xxx


  14. Thanks Teaeee!! that’s good to oh yes, I had the same concern to start with – especially that the lower cup might be too shallow / flat although it proved not to be (for me). do you have a reasonably well-fitting bra you could use to perhaps compare shape to the pattern pieces? I think it’s one of the makes where it pays to just dive in and experiment! Good luck? xxx


  15. This looks amazing. I am so tempted. It’s the bra wires that are difficult to find.

    Just as a word of warning, my daughter ordered a kit from Emerald Erin, currently sitting at the local post office collection centre. She is leaving it to be returned after 25 days. Having been charged before buying outside the UK/EU she checked carefully and ordered a kit at below the price threshold for customs charges. Unfortunately, the package still arrived with a customs cost before it could be collected. We checked and the problem is that the US shipping company wrote the wrong price on the package (compounding the problem by using US$ not CA$), attracting customs plus the Post Office £8 handling charge. That total customs charge is as much if not more than the kit.


  16. Thank you Sarah – definitely encouraging me to have a go sometime. Just a bit concerned that the cups might be a bit shallow. Perhaps I should just give it a go and see 🤔

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