Sewing the Closet Case free Pouf pattern

Hi, I hope you’re all doing well! Me? I’m caught in a weird sewing limbo at the moment – if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I received a brand new sewing machine this last week. And it’s still sat in it’s box taunting me from my sewing table! It’s a gift from my family for my upcoming birthday and they’re adamant that I’m not allowed to open it until the 26th of this month…

Which is 21 looooong days away. The comments on this post by the way, are absolutely hilarious – it really helped knowing my mental anguish was understood, haha!

However, an unexpected side effect of knowing just how fantastic the new machine is (it’s the Pfaff Quilt Ambition 630), is that I am now loathe to continue to sew on my old one in the interminable period before my birthday. I know this is absolutely ridiculous but I just can’t bring myself to do it! The upside is, whilst I fill the echoing-void-between-machines planning future sewing projects; it also gives me time to finally share some of the things I’ve made recently but not blogged. Starting with the Closet Case Patterns freebie pouf pattern!

I’ve made a few simple home decor things in the past, cushions, mats and whatnot but I’m seeing this pouf as legitimate furniture! It is a BEAST; it’s so heavy! And squishy! And I absolutely love it! I also really enjoyed sewing it up. Which is good because I’ve already received a few requests to make more for family and friends…

I made this one for my husband for Fathers Day the other week. He is a massive football (soccer) fan and a lifetime Wolves supporter so it was obvious I had to sew it up using the Wolves colours of gold and black. I also appropriated a fabric badge from an old football top of his that was heading for the bin and topstiched it on.

It is a really simple sew and comes together fairly quickly. I made this whilst trying to home school at the same time; I’m not the worlds’ best (read: I’m possibly among the worlds’ worst) at multi-tasking. Thankfully it’s not a project that requires much thinking!

I made my own covered button (using this multisize tool) and piping, for which I cut and sewed together long 1.5″ wide bias strips of the black fabric. Having pressed it in half, and using a zipper foot, I then sewed the 3mm piping cord in the centre fold. I used my handy little Seam Gauge and Chalk Liner Pen to measure and mark the tape so I could then trim it back to its required 3/8″ to match the seam allowance used in this pattern. Simple.

For the base, I used industrial-strength velcro (I have an unfathomable amount of the stuff in my stash!) in lieu of the 22″ zipper. 22″ sturdy zips aren’t the cheapest, I didn’t have one in my stash and I worried the weight this pouf carries would be a strain on the zip itself. I honestly think strong velcro is your best option (especially if you’ve got a hardwood floor!) The instructions for the pouf only cover a zip insertion, but if you lay your two base half circles together on the floor (each with the straight centre edge finished), it’s easy to work out where to place your velcro – I think I sewed both within the marked seam allowance and then folded one side back on itself and topstitched it in place. Hopefully you can see what I mean from the above pic.

The fabrics were mostly offcuts from my stash, remnants from a pair of Eleanor Jeans and a second Moss Skirt if memory serves; the mustard cord I had to buy in (and interface) as I really needed an exact shade for that – to make it ‘Wolves’ appropriate!

I used Wonder Clips when sewing the top and bottom circles to the sides. There’s quite a thickness here – especially if you’re adding in the piping – and pins just wouldn’t have cut it.

I initially simply stuffed the whole thing with the horrendous pile of fabric scraps I’ve accumulated over the last few years (which had been haunting me all the while!) I am thrilled to have finally busted that scrap pile…but…

… I resorted to using polyester stuffing as well. Once I’d initially filled it with just the fabric scraps, I felt the whole thing just looked a bit flat and … sad. It was also really hard, despite pushing the smallest scraps into the outer edges, to get a decent smooth shape. So polyester stuffing to the rescue. I used a whole kilo of the stuff just to round the thing off and give it some extra squish and squash. I could probably get a bit more in there to be honest!

He was a happy chappy on Father’s Day and absolutely loves his pouf. He has also, thankfully, now stopped pinching my foot stool!

Whilst we’re here, I thought I’d also show you the Wolves medal hanger I made him a little while back. Steve (my husband) is a keen runner and is accumulating medals at rather a pace (see what I did there?!) He’s already filled up one board so I stepped in, with the aid of my Cricut Maker and made him another…

I used permanent vinyl and two layers of chipboard, coated with Modge Podge. It’s strong and is nearly already almost full…

It’s funny, the whole while I’ve been writing this post, I could hear my husband yelling at the TV from the other room. Yeah, you guessed, it – Wolves are playing!

Right, now I’m back off to source some more fabrics and dream of sewing them up on my shiny new sewing machine!

See you soon!

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17 thoughts on “Sewing the Closet Case free Pouf pattern”

  1. I am seriously impressed with your patience. I think I’d wake up in the middle of night and binge unbox it 🤣

    The pouffe looks great and something I’d be tempted to try but I don’t have space for one in my lounge. I’d have to choose between that and the coffee table… Hmm…
    Thank you for the entertaining read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oh Patricia I laughed so hard reading tgis!! I absolutely understand thst. yo be honest if my children weren’t at home full-time at the moment I really think I might have succumbed too … but my family’s ever watchful eyes are keeping me on the straight and narrow! 😂 xx


  3. Hi Jenny! Thank you! Yes absolutely trim back some of the bulk whete the triangles meet at each centre half circle…so that the straight edge is … well, straight … with no pointy bits sticking out. you should hopefully be able to get it sewn by machine? do you have an overlocker / serger to finish that seam? that also really helps tidy things up there. let me know how you get on! xxx


  4. Ooh, Sarah, you will love the new Pfaff. I have the Pfaff Performance 5.0 , daughter has the 5.1. Your waiting reminds me of the refurbished Singer my husband bought me one year for Christmas to replace an inadequate Japanese machine I bought before I married. I was forbidden to touch it before Christmas, but I was working on a dress for my daughter and the new machine would do something my old one couldn’t. When no body was home I got out the new machine and sewed the needed part on the dress with it, and put it back where it was waiting for official opening for Christmas. I was never very long on patience! Hope you are now enjoying becoming friends with your new wonder machine!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Your pouffe is very jolly and matches your chair so well. That room must be very cheerful. I have just started to make this today and was so pleased to see your post. I am at the point now when I sew the 2 semi circles together but there is such a huge lump of fabric in the centre that I will have to sew this by hand. Did you trim yours before sewing?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi … oh I agree, it really is isn’t it. I was at the stage of berating myself for not making it already! And thank you so much; I really do think a lot of it is down to the mix of stuffing. As for the machine, I think my brain will implode when I finally get around to opening it! xxx


  7. The CCP pouf is ubiquitous on Instagram and yours certainly is one of the best! Very graphic with bold colours and a cool wolf logo. Well done Sarah and enjoy your new machine!


  8. thanks Debby! Ah the strength if Will is not all mine … I don’t rhink my family would ever forgive me of I opened it early; so it’s a battle of Wills and they’re winning! 😂 I had a Janome Sewust which has stood me in really good stead all these years … but it’s limitations were starting to show … I wanted more arm space as much as anything …xxx


  9. That’s a great review Sarah 😊 I do think you have very good inner strength to resist the temptation to use your new machine . Not sure I could be so discipline.d😂 It’s my birthday on the 14th so just before yours and I think I’d have been sneaking into my sewing room in the night to have a go with it. Waiting nearly a whole month would drive me nuts. What’s your old machine by the way? I got a new brother innovis 1800 for my birthday last year. I had to open it straight away😁😂😍

    Liked by 1 person

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