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Hi, I’m Sarah, mom, UK based sewing blogger, crafty designer, co-Host of the yearly #SewTogetherForSummer sewing challenge and neurodivergency advocate…

…I’ve been sewing obsessively – and documenting that journey here – for approx six years. Once I’d acquired a solid base of sewing skills, I quickly became intrigued with mastering fit; there’s nothing like sewing to illustrate there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ norm when it comes to sizing and fitting!

For example, I’m 5.3″. My measurements tend to fluctuate but at the time of writing are roughly 41 / 33 / 40. Whatever the pattern, I generally have certain fit issues including narrow and forward shoulders / neck and a high rounded back. Where a pattern does not come with cup sizes, I usually need to do a full bust adjustment; I regularly have to shorten sleeves and dress / leg lengths. I also have narrow thighs with conversely ‘athletic’ calves! I love to share what I have learned – whether a successful make or a disaster – in all my posts. I have in-depth tutorials on things like pattern matching, buttonholes and collars – check out the Tutorials link above.

I Co-host the easy-going, Instagram based sewing challenge #sewtogetherforsummer which runs from April through to June 21st each year. It’s designed to celebrate our sewing community and encourage tackling those sewing projects likely to increase our confidence and skill-set. This year champions the Sundress; other years have celebrated loungewear, shirtdresses, jumpsuits and wrap dresses.

I will occasionally accept sponsored posts for products / brands and join pattern Tester Groups for designers I love – they don’t always make it to the blog ;-). Where they do, I add a detailed Sponsored Disclaimer to those posts.

I occassionally write more personal blog posts – you can find these by entering All Sewn Up in the search bar below:

If I’m not busy making something; you’ll generally find me doing the exact opposite – i.e. curled up in my PJs with a good book; a glass of wine in my hand. I am never, ever, knowingly without a book on the go!

After a lifetime of wondering and wandering, I have settled and live with my husband and two children in the heart of rural Devon, UK.They are my everything.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you would like to contact me directly, please email me at :



7 thoughts on “About Me / Contact Me”

  1. Hi Jennie, thank you! You have two options I think – on the main page, after the posts listed there, you will see a grey button that says ‘Load more posts’ which releases another three or four. You can keep doing that OR if you scroll down through the front page you will see a search bar; you could enter a search term e.g ‘dress’ and it will bring up all posts on dresses I’ve made. That said, you’ve raised a good point and I’ll look into improving the search / read more function so thank you for your input! Sarah xx


  2. Hi Sarah
    I have just started to follow your blog and I’m enjoying all the content but how do I find your older post.

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  3. Hi Debbie, thank you SO MUCH for letting me know that the link to the full blog post was no longer working. If you go ahead and click on the link in the menu for ‘Tutorials’ you should now be able to access the FULL tutorial. Sarah x


  4. Hi Sarah,
    I have been looking everywhere for the tutorial for the lovely fabric weights and iPad rest but can’t seem to find them! Help!😊

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