Blogroll / Vlogroll -My Favourite Sewists!

My Favourite Sewing Vloggers

Eminently watchable, likeable and knowledgeable…in no particular order:-

1️⃣ Amanda from I Sew A Lot (link : I Sew A Lot : You Tube )

2️⃣ Leigh from Clueless Leigh (link : Clueless Leigh – You Tube )

3️⃣ Aneka from Made To Sew (link : Made To Sew : You Tube )

4️⃣ Lisa from Sew Over It (link : Sew Over It : You Tube )

5️⃣ Rachel & Kate from The Foldline (link : The Foldline : You Tube )

6️⃣ Becky from Back To Blighty (link : Back To Blighty : You Tube )

Favourite Sewing Bloggers

A list of just some of my favourites again in no particular order! I’ll add the rest of my faves to the list when I get five minutes! I’m constantly discovering new ones – big and small – so this list is by no means exclusive or exhaustive. This is a wildly varied list but for sure they’re all well written and I am pretty much guaranteed to read every post from the list below whatever the make: