Happy Crafting : Sewing Luna Lapin

Hello again! If you read my last post, you'll know that my sewing took a back seat last year. But entering this year and the final arrival of a new Spring, I got the irrisistable urge to make something. Of all the projects that vied for my attention, this one kept bobbing up and nibbling… Continue reading Happy Crafting : Sewing Luna Lapin


Sewing A Colour-blocked Sweater Dress : FibreMood Lexi

Hello hello hello! Today I'm sharing my 'hot-off-the-sewing-machine' FibreMood Lexi; a colour-blocked sweater dress from Issue 11 (out now); I was sent a preview copy of the pattern by the mag so I could sew one up to showcase to time with the publications' release. Let me say from the off though, this dress very… Continue reading Sewing A Colour-blocked Sweater Dress : FibreMood Lexi