# 2017 Make Nine : Organising my Sewing Plans

Happy New Year to you!!!! Hope you had a great time over the festive period! I relaxed to the point of almost total inertia; dividing my attention between my kids, a good book and the seemingly never ending supply of chocolate and cheese. I’m not usually one to sit and relax for more than 5 seconds, unless you stick a wine glass in my hand, so I guess the enforced rest has done me good. That said, I’m now really really REALLY ready to get back to sewing, so with that in mind…

…I’m sure you’ve seen Rochelle’s (Lucky Lucille) blog post on her sewing plans for 2017 and the inspirational #2017makenine tag she created. Yeah, I’m jumping on this one without any hesitation; as a mission statement it completely underlines the organisation of my upcoming sewing plans.

I was first compelled to tidy up my thoughts when I heard Anya discussing how she organises her sewing projects using Excel spreadsheets on EP01 of img_1511the Style-Maker Podcast a few months ago. As a total spreadsheet nerd myself, I have no idea why I hadn’t already thought to do something similar, just that I…hadn’t! My plans, thoughts and inspirations were so multitude that it was starting to feel like a jumbled mess in my brain. Things are messy enough up there as it is, let me tell you. So I created my own spreadsheet with an attached ‘mood board’ for inspiration. And wow, not only did this immediately clarify my sewing plans but it also freed up brain space for more mess to be added later. Result!

It was therefore relatively easy to pin down my Make Nine plans. These are not cast in stone and I reserve the right to completely and utterly change my mind on a whim, haha. That said, I know myself well enough to know that I’ll be wanting to fulfill this checklist now it’s ‘in print’ just so that I can give myself a resounding pat on the back at the end of the year!

In no particular order:-

1. Sewaholic ‘Fraser’ sweatshirt

img_1534Bit of a no brainer really this one. I love their Renfrew and,  whilst this is very similar, I have to have me this one too. I’m still on a bit of a knit kick.

Fabric wise, I’m thinking of doing the contrast in …pleather? I may stick on elbow patches too. Just because.

2. New Look 6095 Jersey Dress

Jersey dress new look 6095

Ah this one. Recently I saw another mother poolside at my daughters’ swimming lesson wearing a fairly fitted striped jersey dress. I stared at her without reservation whilst mentally cataloguing the details. img_1533 I found this very similar fabric at Girl Charlee and ordered it immediately. They had a mere 35 metres left. Oh my goodness, I thought, what if everyone sees this woman today and decides they too must make this dress?! Order the fabric now, I told myself, and beat the inevitable stampede. I then Googled for a suitable pattern. This is the closest one. I figure it will look just as good with flip flops/sandals during a day at the beach, as it will dressed up at night with heels. Oh, I lead such an imaginary life 😉

3. True Bias ‘Emerson Crop Pant’ – hacked 

Two inspirations behind this one, firstly these pics above from my mood board. I was looking for a wide legged pant that I could wear with a more fitted top; a 1950s vibe.

Pattern hack Emerson crop pant true bias

Secondly, the aforementioned Anya also recently hacked this pant to make it full length; in fact to be worn with heels with the hemline just skimming the floor. Honestly, she nailed it. It was the hack this pattern needed. I may hack it further still to reduce some of the leg width if they’re wide enough to flap and cause me to fall over. I am a clumsy oaf after all.

4. Coppelia Wrap Cardigan by Papercut

Wrap ballet cardi cards sewing pattern coppelia

Not much to say on this ballet wrap cardi except I need it in my life. Oh and that every time I see this picture, the shorts/pose make me full-on cringe! Anyway, the cardi itself is a bit of a classic and the pattern also comes as a full on sweater version too.

5. New Look 6327 – a simple Overlay Skirt


Rather more ‘girly’ than other skirts in my wardrobe and sewing plans but I found myself repeatedly thinking about swanning around in something like it. In a pinky nude colour? In reality, I’m not much prone to being swan-like but make this simple skirt I shall.

6. Cigarette Pant, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual

Cigarette crop pant Gertie sews vintage casual

I’m thinking I’ll maybe crop the leg length a bit. Fabric wise, houndstooth to start with, natch. Then a black pair. I love that the invisible zip is at the centre back seam and, crucially, they have pockets.

7. Marlborough Bra by Orange Lingerie


If I don’t work this pattern until I end up with the ultimate fitting bra, I shall consider it more than just a sewing fail; I will berate myself as a total failure of a human being. No pressure there then. I am only partly joking.

8. McCalls 6696 Shirt Dress

Mccalls shirtdress

I bought the Sew Over It shirt dress pattern ages ago and it’s festered in my collection. Don’t think it’s ever going to happen; I’m scared what looks glamorous on others will just look ‘mumsy’ on me so, like a gazillion other people, I’m making this one (View A) instead. I’ve yet to try a pattern catering to different cup sizes so I’m really keen to give this a go.

9. Grainline Linden Sweatshirt 


I’ve recently made my first one and, with some fit alterations, my next version will probably be one of my first makes of 2017. I’m adding it to the list then merely so I can check it off straight away, hahaha!


This is by no means a comprehensive list, I have patterns and fabrics lined up for other specific projects too but these are the ones I’ll kick myself for if they don’t make it to my sewing machine. Any here that you’re planning to make too? Any you think I’d rather do instead?!

Here’s to a great year sewing in 2017 eh!

Until next time,

Sew Sarah smith

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