Happy Crafting : Sewing Luna Lapin

Hello again! If you read my last post, you'll know that my sewing took a back seat last year. But entering this year and the final arrival of a new Spring, I got the irrisistable urge to make something. Of all the projects that vied for my attention, this one kept bobbing up and nibbling… Continue reading Happy Crafting : Sewing Luna Lapin


Sewing the Lined Lace Tulle version of the Black Beauty Bra! View B

Hi! You may have seen that I've recently sewn two versions of View A of the Black Beauty Bra (by Emerald Erin) which were made using duoplex fabric and intended as 'everyday' wear bras. (You can see that post HERE). It was no exaggeration to say the experience revolutionised the way I feel about sewing… Continue reading Sewing the Lined Lace Tulle version of the Black Beauty Bra! View B

My Finished Deer & Doe Luzerne Trench Coat!

Hello again...let's get this coat finished! I proceed with sewing my coat like an F1 driver on the home stretch...I want it done and impatience has set in. I’m mindful of this and try and force myself to pay due care and attention…to not rush to the finishing line...but still I find myself easily irritated… Continue reading My Finished Deer & Doe Luzerne Trench Coat!