Hello, have we got a bumper post for you today; full of the prizes generously donated by our amazing sponsors for this years #sewtogetherforsummer challenge. (If you missed my previous post, CLICK HERE for the low-down on this years' 'Sundress' themed sewing challenge, including some amazing discount codes!) As in previous years, all of the… Continue reading SEWING Prizes for #SEWTOGETHERFORSUMMER 2021 SUNDRESS CHALLENGE!


Happy Crafting : Sewing Luna Lapin

Hello again! If you read my last post, you'll know that my sewing took a back seat last year. But entering this year and the final arrival of a new Spring, I got the irrisistable urge to make something. Of all the projects that vied for my attention, this one kept bobbing up and nibbling… Continue reading Happy Crafting : Sewing Luna Lapin

New Sewing Tools : My Latest Favourite Gadgets!

Hello, lovely sewing people ... I'm back with a perennially favourite topic of mine : a roundup of my latest sewing tools and gadget loves! Although a somewhat eclectic mix of stuff, they've all passed the Indispensable Test - not only have I really enjoyed using them, they've all achieved 'How Did I Ever Manage… Continue reading New Sewing Tools : My Latest Favourite Gadgets!