Hello, have we got a bumper post for you today; full of the prizes generously donated by our amazing sponsors for this years #sewtogetherforsummer challenge. (If you missed my previous post, CLICK HERE for the low-down on this years’ ‘Sundress’ themed sewing challenge, including some amazing discount codes!)

As in previous years, all of the prizes listed here are handed out on a random basis; simply for participating in the challenge – everyone has the same potential to be a winner! In fact, given the sheer number of prizes we’ve amassed (over 40!) I’d say your chances of receiving something are pretty good! However, if you would like your dress to be entered into the prize pot, make sure you have understood the challenge entry requirements, posting your completed make on Instagram with the #sewtogetherforsummer AND #s21entry hashtag (see HERE for the full details. And If you’re looking for sundress pattern inspiration see HERE).

I have split the prize pot into three categories


(For more info on any of the prizes, click on the relevant image to be taken to their website)



Happy Crafting : Sewing Luna Lapin

Hello again!

If you read my last post, you’ll know that my sewing took a back seat last year. But entering this year and the final arrival of a new Spring, I got the irrisistable urge to make something. Of all the projects that vied for my attention, this one kept bobbing up and nibbling away demanding to be made! It was seasonally appropriate, I guess haha!

Meet my take on Luna Lapin, that cutest of Heirloom Hares! In retrospect, I can see why I reached for this project; Luna embodies a wistful nostalgia; a vintage character that harks back to the sepia toned memories of childhood – I adored the likes of Hartley Hare and Bagpuss as a kid. I’d also been binge-watching The Repair Shop on TV and fancied making something that my daughter could potentially still cherish in 50 years time! So I made one for the both of us.

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New Sewing Tools : My Latest Favourite Gadgets!

Hello, lovely sewing people … I’m back with a perennially favourite topic of mine : a roundup of my latest sewing tools and gadget loves! Although a somewhat eclectic mix of stuff, they’ve all passed the Indispensable Test – not only have I really enjoyed using them, they’ve all achieved ‘How Did I Ever Manage Without Them?!’ status to become absolute essentials in my sewing kit.

In no particular order :

Clover Loop Pressing Bars

This is one of those gadgets I’ve often thought I needed without knowing it actually existed : a heat-resistant resin bar for pressing straps and ties etc. How many times have you made fabric straps, button loops, ties and the like for a garment, successfully turned them the right way out and then fiddled like crazy when pressing them to get the seam to lay straight and uniformly?

This simple tool slips inside your just sewn fabric ‘tube’, allowing you to press the seam allowance open in the middle – or to the side if you prefer. Then when you turn the strap right side out, slip the bar back inside and re-press, again aligning the seam to the middle or side as you prefer. Everything lays nice and flat with no twisting. So simple, so effective; it comes as a multi-pack containing several different widths (6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 mm). The design at the end of the bars also allows you to thread elastic or ribbon, so you can use them like extra length bodkins! I bought mine HERE.

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